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05 December 2020

The Amalgamated Ruraral Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) in a communiqué alluded its position on incapacitation, stating that its members will report for duty once a week to carry out workplace assessments on the state of affairs in their respective stations. In the memo ARTUZ also urged members not offer any service to the employer and its associates particularly the Zimbabwe Schools Examination Council (ZIMSEC) but rather assess the proceedings of the public exam. Instead of invigilating ZIMSEC exams, ARTUZ members under the banner of workplace assessment modus operandi have managed to make report on the schools’ failure to abide by the Standard of Operation Procedures. Information on the ground pertaining the way in which exams are being run since they commenced on a Monday of the week ending 4 December 2020. Gathered information indicates the presence of a pandemonium resulting from how ZIMSEC abruptly initiated registration of candidates as well as the writing of exams. The ZIMSEC registers are infested with anomalies, a sign that registration process was poorly done. Below is a list of some of errors by ZIMSEC:

1). Incorrect spellings on names of candidates
2). Wrong candidate birthdays
3). Missing of candidates’ names on subjects registers
4). Wrong candidate Numbers on subjects’ registers.
5). Failure to issue statements of entry for candidates
6). Wrong allocation of subjects to candidates
7). Shortage of examination question papers.
8). Poor quality printing of exam papers.
9). Lack of practice in candidates to use multiple choice scanner sheets.
10). ZIMSEC’s resistance to pay off invigilation allowances to teachers.
11). poorly printed exam papers, some with ink stains
13). Typing error and late notifications on errors in question papers.

Some of the above mentioned errors have resulted in other candidates being turned down from writing examinations in a number of exam centers across the country. The predicament from the zimsec incompetence also emerged to cause unhealthy settling for exams of candidates with wrongly captured information after going through the correctional procedures. MoPSE & ZIMSEC pushed for the resumption of the 2020 academic calendar on infertile ground due to the lack of proper stakeholders consultations. ZIMSEC unilaterally declared proceeding with the November 2020 exams despite the fact that learners did not get compensation of the lost learning time due to the covid-19 induced lockdown. The onset of exams has also been affected by bad weather a case whereby some candidates cannot afford to cross flooded rivers to get to school amidst the rainy season. Some schools are suffering exams maladministration for instance at Mhangura Mhangura government primary school grafe 7 candidates had to write their exams after Mhangura mine primary had written theirs, the situation compromised the credibility of the ZIMSEC board.In some exams centers there are some cases of harassment of teachers by security officers who were deployed to gaurd the exam papers at collection points as per the newly implemented exams distribution system. The poor preparation for exams have seen stakeholders such as parents and teachers unions doubting the diligence of the schools national examination board. ARTUZ condemns the ZIMSEC on failing to put up its house in order for the smooth running of the decisive exams for the future of both internal and external candidates sitting for the exams.

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