The recent destruction and loss of life caused by Cyclone Idai left a lot to be desired as far as our Meteorological and Disaster Management offices are concerned. Given that the Cyclone was known to be advancing one wonders why responsible authorities had to wait for it to strike first before calling for aid and evacuations. Now after the loss of dear life, authorities start running around as if to offer civil protection. That is very bad and unacceptable. The Ministry of Social Welfare is being shortchanged by the politician who occupies that office who is sleeping on duty!

ARTUZ calls for the closure of schools in affected areas as continuation of lessons will affect those unable to attend because of destroyed roads, classrooms and floods. We encourage Education officials to heed the call and close the Schools in Chimanimani District and nearby affected areas. Further, we call for the immediate evacuation of people in the Cyclone route before any more loss of life.

A research on the destruction of schools by the Cyclone is currently being done by the Union. It is our call that may anyone who has pictures of the destruction in affected areas please share your photos with our Information Department on the numbers below!

A time like this need the nation to unite and assist the people of Manicaland. We are currently mobilising resources to support Teachers and Learners. We appeal for donations of clothes, blankets and other resources to help the people get back to their feet.

We urge all Teachers and Parents who wish to donate to get in touch with our Provincial Coordinators country wide on the following numbers:

Mash East: 0772 425 797
Mash West: 0773269112
Mash Central: 077 445 9079
Masvingo: 0779 348 206
Manicaland: 078 421 4436
Midlands: 071 358 0914
Mat North: 0718062729/ 0779717740
Mat South: 0776848235

The people of Manicaland needs us the most now! Help us help the affected!


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