Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked questions

Does ARTUZ accommodate teachers in Urban areas?

ARTUZ is home to all teachers but we accommodate teachers with a passion for uplifting rural education.

What are the benefits of joining ARTUZ?

ARTUZ is famed for effective representation of all teachers and further gives legal cover, funeral cover, study loans and housing.

Does ARTUZ offer loans?

Yes we offer study loans

Is ARTUZ a political organization that is anti-government?

ARTUZ is a Trade Union which fights for pro poor education and invests a lot in research on policy alternatives in the education sector.

What is the position of ARTUZ on land?

Land is a means of production which should be accessible to all citizens regardless of race, gender, ethnicity e.t.c. The Zimbabwean constitution clearly states that the land reform is irreversible. Land for housing and Agriculture should be accessible to all.

What is delaying the organization from spreading and reaching out?

Our footprints have reached all the rural districts of Zimbabwe; we still thrive to meet those rural teachers we are still to get in contact with.

How visible is ARTUZ and its structures and where are the provincial offices?

ARTUZ has 8 rural provincial structures and the structures administer district structures. We are in the process of setting structures in all rural schools. We have offices in Masvingo, Gweru ,Chinhoyiand Bulawayo.

How can one join ARTUZ?

You can join ARTUZ online by sending your ID number, Full names, EC number, station and Phone number to 0772804135. You will receive copies of membership application forms through mail or WhatsApp.

Is ARTUZ not a target for victimization light of the impending elections?

Rural teachers have always been victims of political violence, ARTUZ is coming in to break the cycle of violence and further protect the teachers from the wrath of political vultures. Our Safe schools campaign is clear testimony.

Does ARTUZ accept criticism?

ARTUZ is a democratic institution and embraces diversity of opinion. Criticism from within and from outside shapes the Union but we will not waiver from our value system to accommodate new ideas.

Is ARTUZ an affiliate of ZCTU?

ARTUZ is a partner of the ZCTU and has applied for membership, hope we will be admitted soon

Does ARTUZ have audited financial statements since its formation

ARTUZ has audited financial statements which can be inspected by our members on request.

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