by Robson Chere

Dear Cdes

You might be wondering why I was silent for some time. I was just wondering and envisioning the fate of our generation and the next generations to follow.

I know engaging in a protest for social, economic and political justice at this time might be suicidal since the response of the oppressor is to quench his blood thirst, But I tell you Cdes, I have a conviction that if I see bad things happening and decide to be silent it also means I will be doing harm to myself, my fellow working class community and the future generations.

So I will not just stand and watch myself and my Cdes dying from man-made Poverty. I chose to speak out, and my colleagues in the rural education you selected me to lead, this duty I will execute. Cdes worry not I will be on the forefront in this battle so if it’s a sword or a bullet against our non-violent struggle for demanding a Living Wage it has to pass through me first. We must all realise that our struggle is not a sympathy seeking struggle but a reality.


We must all know that in this world we live to die. I urge all of you not to wait to die of hunger. If we don’t do something now to demand our Living Wage as workers we are all going to die in a condition where one cannot be able to lift his/her hand because of hunger.

Workers are human beings they deserve their dignity by being given dignified salaries. The General Citizens are also equally important, our peasant farmers, our youths, in short every citizen is equally important.

I urge you Cdes not to allow a situation where only a few elites are benefiting the whole National cake, let’s stand up and demand our own share of the National Cake.

#Varombo Tasvinura
#Toda kudyawo.
#Mushandi Munhuwo.

Robson “Nikita” Chere is the Minister of Education in the Citizen Cabinet and Secretary General of Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ).


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