The Salary Caravan yesterday landed at Nyazura township. The Cdes were visibly tired, some with minor injuries but still they are all raring to go.

The heavy rains pounding in Manicaland province are always eluding the Caravan. That’s a good sign which must send a signal to Mthuli Ncube, reform or face the wrath of the poor. Nature is strongly behind us.

The Salary Caravan has upset the natural order of expected conduct. The working class in Zimbabwe is ordinarily viewed as disorganized and docile, that has changed and changed forever. Workers from across the country are pouring in solidarity messages and preparing to join the Caravan.

The 19th of December is going to be a D day for both Mthuli and government. Citizens are vowing to join the Caravan at Finance Ministry offices. The purse holder has up to 19 December to make the right decisions before citizens heavily descend on Harare.

Meanwhile the Caravan will depart from Nyazura at 0900hrs marching towards Rusape. Some Cdes are still nursing injuries but a total of 40 are fit to March while others are recovering. More teachers will join along the way.

Amalgamated Rural Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe, ARTUZ salutes all cdes who have conveyed solidarity messages to the Union. We further salute our members and friends of the Union who continue to provide material support to the Caravan.

The Revolution is underway, Fidel Castro said, ” A revolution is a struggle to deaths between the past and the future.” The past is going to be defeated on 19 December.

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